A new school year… and this time I’m alone.

When I first came to this boarding school freshman year, I came with my two brothers – Seth and Sly.  We actually didn’t want to go, our mom and boyfriend at the time practically forced us to go.  In the end, it ended up being the best thing for us that year, considering what happened only a few months after we started.

But after freshman year, Sly decided he wasn’t going back.  Instead, he moved in with my two brothers in Virginia and is now home/online schooled.  He loves it though, and I’m happy for him.  So last year, it was just Seth and I.  We were actually given a new roommate, which was okay because we gained a new friend.  Nothing changed much, but it was weird not having Sly around with us, since it’s been that way since the three of us were born.

I got more involved in the drama club that year, and Seth started the school’s official book club.  It was a pretty good and productive year.

Then in August, Seth left for Australia.

Being a foreign exchange student sounds pretty cool, but I would never be able to do it.  I’m not very good with change, but Seth is.  I think he needed a change of scenery for a while… or at least that’s what he said.  He wants to explore and he is.  I’m happy for him, just like I was happy for Sly about his decision to leave.  Seth tells me he’ll be back for senior year, but who knows?  He might love it in Australia and stay, or go to another country.  Either way, I’ll be happy for him.

But as for junior year, I’m the only Campbell standing; no brothers, no sisters.  For the first time in my life I’m the only Campbell in a particular state, miles and miles away from my siblings.

It’s weird.

I’m alone.

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