A new school year… and this time I’m alone. When I first came to this boarding school freshman year, I came with my two brothers – Seth and Sly.  We actually didn’t want to go, our mom and boyfriend at the time practically forced us to go.  In the end, it ended up being the … More Alone.

New Track – 624

Another new track is up on the Music page, and it’s called 624.  This track was literally born out of messing around last month.  Liking what I came up with, I recorded it to get it out of my system and afterwards, forgot to even upload it to Sound Cloud. But maybe it’s not so … More New Track – 624

My Worst Flaw

My worst flaw is that I’m anxious about, well, everything. I spent days worrying about things I have absolutely no control over.  The thing is I know that I have no control over what happens, most of the time, but I can’t stop the thoughts from flooding into my head.  Sometimes I can’t even stop … More My Worst Flaw