Pressure                                Kyle (Lead)                   LFA Drama Club

Romeo & Juliet                    Benvolio                        LFA Drama Club

Alice                                       Cheshire Cat                 LFA Drama Club

Brace Yourself                      James                            LFA Drama Club

West Side Story                   Orchestra/Violinst      LFA Drama Club

The Comedy of Errors        Solinus                          Central Middle School Drama

Shout!                                    Vocal Orchestra           Central Middle School Drama

School Daze                          Negative Boy                Central Middle School Drama


Acting Uncut                       Liberty University Theatre Arts Summer Camp

Screenwriting Intensive    SOCAPA Summer Camp

Screenwriting/Acting        New York Film Academy Summer Camp

Theater Performance        Walnut Hill School of the Arts Summer Camp


Dialects: British, New York, Bostonian, Australian.

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Flute, Violin

Sports: Baseball, Soccer, Tennis


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